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Metering Panel

Space constraint is a challenge for customers and we provide solutions for the client by offering options on dimensins of the panel.

ATS Panel

With an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), power failures are detected immediately and the transition from utility power to generator power is seamless.

Generator Synchronizing Panel

We use Gen-set controllers from Deepsea Electronic PLC, UK. Generator start up, speed control and voltage control, synchronizing and load sharing can never be more simpler.

Distribution Panel

Our distribution panels are well equipped with high quality protective circuit breakers to ensure the safety of your electrical feed.


We supply and distribute Indoasian and Panasonic Switchgears in different technical specifications, depending on the area of application.

VFD Control Panel

The panel comes with necessary soft-starter, MCCB, harmonic filters, bypass to keep the system running even if VFD fails.

Lighting Protection Solutions

As engineers, we provide professional consultancy and solutions to ensure the safety of your homes, power plants and other buildings from destructive impacts of lightning & thunderstorms.

We also provide tailored-made lightning protection systems specially designed for industries such as airports, factories, resorts, power plants and oil storages in accordance with standards and regulations.

Simplified Power Protection

Your safety is our priority. Our engineers have wisely chosen world’s familiar vendors to supply high quality circuit breakers designed to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by short circuits or overload.

We also offer power protection for industrial applications such as AC Protection Systems, Battery Protection Systems, Lightening Protection Systems, Surge Protection Systems, Auto-Phase Selector, Room Temperature controllers and Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

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